Here you will find information about our upcoming concerts, our CD, and of course our wonderful musicians. The musicians of Quodlibet Ensemble are extremely gifted and versatile individuals who have each carved out unique career paths for themselves. Only a handful of concerts per year take place, allowing for their various careers outside the ensemble to flourish and continue to grow.

Katie Hyun, Artistic Director

With such different musical backgrounds and pursuits, there is one thing that successfully unites these players, and that is their incredible devotion to music. The programs are solely artist based, and exist not just to showcase the artistry of the musicians, but to create an experience that brings audiences a sense of adventure, excitement, wonder, and joy.

Please join us on this journey of countless possibilities! I would be thrilled to see you at any one of our future performances. I promise you’ll be in for a ride ;)


Photo Credit: Sophie Zhai